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I try to tell myself that she couldn't have realized that she was expecting too much, for a child who was three years older than she to always be a good parent.

  • We've always been super close.

  • Again I can not that you enough for this and wish you well!! She told my dad that I was going to spend the summer holiday with her family and since my dad hated kids, myself included, he happily agreed, no questions asked.

She lives with her parents and they run around after her.

  • We lived in a small house so we also had to share a bathroom so it's not like we never saw each other naked we even had to share a shower once in awhile during the winter because we only had about 15 minutes of hot water and if we were running behind for school it was the only way to have a comfortable shower otherwise you had to wait about an hour and a half to two hours and the water was freezing cold it was a place up in the mountains.

  • Nothing can ever take away the love I have for you, my dearest sister.